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Reframe The Small Things

September 28, 2018

How we frame, that is, perceive things is something we have control over. We can’t change the event or circumstances. We can change how we frame them. When we are conscious to reframe the small things, we prepare ourselves to be more able to reframe the big things.

I have a real estate project under contract for sale. In preparation for the sale, there are a few items needing to be fixed. The Plumber informed me that he needed to order a specific part for the water heater. That didn’t seem like a big deal. But, the water heater manufacturer will only send the part to the address where the water heater is located. The Plumber informed the manufacturer that the property is unoccupied and asked for the part to be sent to his office. No, they will only send to the address where the water heater was installed.

Since that address is not occupied, we haven’t applied for a mail box. (All mail goes to a box station at the end of the block.) I made the one hour drive to the Post Office and then waited in line only to find out it will take weeks to get a key. In the meantime, someone would have to go the Post Office every few days to check to see if the package was there.

Was I little agitated? Yes…more than a little, actually. Could I change things? Could I change the company’s policy? Could I change the backlog of key requests at the Post Office? No.

However, I could reframe. But, how? What to do? And that is the question I asked myself, “Since I am over here, what else can I do?” There were some things I could do. Things I wasn’t planning on doing, but would be beneficial. After that, I loaded a podcast I wanted to hear and enjoyed the hour ride back to my office.

What I dealt with today was a small thing. How I dealt with it, the reframing of the small thing equips me to better able to reframe a big thing when (not if) it comes along.

What little thing can you reframe today?

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